Additional civil liability (ACL)

Many who have bought compulsory OSAGO car insurance (autocitizen) calm down and believe that they have shifted all responsibility to the insurance company. But do not rejoice ahead of time, as there are a number of reasons for this.

Why is ordinary not enough autocitizen?

The fact is that insurance coverage at the level of legislation is limited and amounts to 2023:

  • 160 000 UAH for property

  • 320 000 UAH for life and health

This means that if the cost of damage is higher than the sum insured, all damage will have to be paid by the Guilty of the accident.

How can this be avoided, you ask?

Of course, it is difficult to secure yourself 100%, but there is a way to increase the limit of the sum insured for property up to UAH 1 million (the maximum extension depends on the chosen insurance company). The insurance product for increasing the sum insured is called ACL.

What is ACL?

Additional civil liability (ACL) is a voluntary type of auto insurance that can be purchased exclusively with the main insurance of Autocitizen, which expands the amount of the basic insurance amount.

This insurance will increase the liability of the insurance company and protect you from possible costs in the event of an accident. We strongly recommend that you take out this type of insurance when buying insurance for your car.

ACL can be bought for any type of transport, whether it is a car or a bus.

How to buy ACL for your car and how much does it cost?

In order to purchase ACL, you need to select the required amount for expansion when applying for insurance. Link to the OSAGO calculator for selecting the best offer.

By selecting the necessary parameters of your car and clicking on the "Calculate cost" button, you will receive a list of offers from different insurance companies. Each card (company) has the option to choose additional coverage, which indicates the amount of coverage and the additional cost of this service.

If there is no such option in the company's card, then the insurance company does not provide an opportunity to expand the sum insured for the parameters you have chosen (type of vehicle, duration, etc.).

Let’s sum up

Only you decide whether to use this type of insurance or not, but you should always remember that we are surrounded by expensive cars, the repair of which can cost unbearable amounts. In order not to think about it, you need to additionally spend a small amount (payment once a year) when buying basic auto insurance.

Make the right choice! And our calculator and rating of companies will help you choose the most profitable and optimal insurance option.