Voluntary health insurance

Voluntary health insurance has a variety of packages that you can choose depending on your needs. Accordingly, the final price will depend on the selected services. 

Also, voluntary health insurance is an excellent incentive for employees of your company. Any workflow should be smooth and continuous. But what if the employee spends a lot of time on doctors or his family members are often sick? 

In this case, health insurance fits like nothing better. In any situation, when there are any health problems, you just need to call the insurance company. We will advise, direct you to a clinic convenient for you at a time convenient for you or call a doctor in your office if necessary. 

With VHI insurance you will:

  1. Buying for yourself and your family - you will be relieved of any contact with calls to clinics, waiting in lines, trips to pharmacies, etc. You will only deal with your life affairs. We will arrange an appointment in a private or public clinic convenient for you, order the necessary drugs for home delivery. We also draw up a sick leave without paperwork and waste of time. 

  2. Buying for employees - the process of your work will be as continuous and productive as possible. Depending on the conditions you have chosen, various options will be included. A doctor can come directly to your office. If you have a large company, then we can place a doctor’s office directly in your territory. Also, employees will be able to improve their health in gyms, pools, visit the dentist and all this at a convenient time for YOU. 

Voluntary medical insurance is one of the most unprofitable products, since each client receives many times more than the cost of the VHI insurance contract. But what not to do, for the sake of complete customer satisfaction. 

Voluntary health insurance in Ukraine

By purchasing a voluntary medical insurance contract in Ukraine you receive (in a basic package or as an additional service):

  • Treatment for acute illness 

  • Assistance for exacerbation of a chronic disease 

  • Help with injuries, poisoning, accidents, or other cases of ill health

  • The provision of rehabilitation and other health care 

  • Dental care 

  • Carrying out routine preventive examinations 

  • Vitamin Prevention and Vaccination 

  • Formation of an office first-aid kit and doctor's departure to the office 

  • Options for the diagnosis and treatment of critical diseases (oncology, diabetes, tuberculosis) 

  • Pool and gym visits 

  • Other options upon your request 

What is health insurance?

Health insurance - it is a type of insurance that covers any insured events related to human health.

At present, in Ukraine, health insurance is not mandatory and everyone has the right to choose whether to buy this insurance or not.

But you must understand that the insurance company will solve for you all the questions that will arise during the whole year of insurance. We know how hard it is to find the time and decide to call the doctor. That is why our professionals 24/7 will answer your p = calls and solve tasks. They will call an ambulance, send a doctor, order medicines, etc. 

What is voluntary health insurance?

Voluntary health insurance is considered a representative insurance product, because no one forces you to have such an agreement. But everyone who at least once in his life tried the delights of this type of insurance from year to year extends the VHI agreement in Ukraine.  

In many countries, health insurance is compulsory and all residents are satisfied, since they actually enjoy the benefits of such services. Often, blades abroad do not serve customers without a health insurance policy or have to wait much longer than the insured. Agree, it’s convenient when everyone does everything for you and, moreover, tries to make you as satisfied as possible. 

When did you introduce health insurance

Health insurance appeared at the beginning of the independent path of Ukraine. As soon as such a form as health insurance appeared, all companies quickly won the hearts of customers. Any company with foreign capital is required to insure all its employees. 

Most IT people use health insurance to distract from the work process.

They visit sports clubs, gyms, swimming pools and other places for recreation. And also receive medical and dental care, if necessary, at the expense of the insurance company. 

Start using voluntary health insurance now and you will definitely stay with us for many years!