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KASKO - full protection of your car

KASKO - full protection of your car

KASKO is a voluntary car insurance that covers losses of any damage to your car. The insured events of this contract can be situations from a small scratch to theft or a serious accident.
Various types of CASCO are available
Limited (low price, limited number of risks)
Extended (a larger list of insured events, but a higher price)

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Nowadays, every second family has its own car, but not every one is able to protect it. I agree that when driving, you are confident in your abilities, knowledge and skill. However, what if the car is at night under the porch? Unfortunately, not a single person has time to help his horse during a sound sleep. 

What is the difference between OSAGO and CASCO?

It is good if the car remains whole or slightly hurt, but there are different cases. If you have a car of a serious brand and a fresh release, then it’s worth considering whether you ordered your brand to a professional? Think about it. 

The best rate for a new car up to 5 years!

Read about the new insurance product in full “CASCO Premium

What is hull insurance?

CASCO is a voluntary type of car insurance against any damage at any time of the day, as well as against theft. It is at that moment when your control over the machine is zero. CASCO protects its owner from unwanted loss of nerve cells and additional funds for the repair of his own car. We insure justifiable fear and its consequences. 

Why do you need to insure a car under CASCO in Kharkov?

The smallest percentage for car insurance according to CASCO in the first years of its operation, since it is beneficial to insure without taking into account wear and tear, new or even branded spare parts cost a lot. The older the car, the higher the cost of the service. This is due to full repair with new parts and full payment of the cost of the service station. Usually, no one thinks about insurance of their car in principle, because they believe that nothing will happen, and if it does, then there will be enough money to cope on their own. As a result, the formula goes: "If you want to have a car, have money for two." Unfortunately, experience comes with consequences. 

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If the car is in credit, then it is mandatory to insure under CASCO - this is required by the bank, since such a car is the property of the bank. Not all owners are fully aware of this either. But if bought at their own expense, then no one wants to allocate an additional amount for insurance. BUT…!!! In the case of the worst incident - theft or arson, the car owner will be covered for all losses for the car (the full cost of the car, including the deductible, if any). Agree, not the worst option. And do not have to re-earn the full amount to buy a car. 

What does the CASCO insurance policy cover without exception?

The CASCO insurance policy covers the following costs (core):

  • Hijacking

  • Accident damage

  • Arson

  • Natural disasters

  • Damage to 5% of the cost of a car without calling the traffic police

The main exceptions (can be included in insurance for an additional fee):

  • Water hammer

  • Damage or theft of caps, wheel rims

  • Short circuit in car electrical equipment

  • Animal damage

  • Management while intoxicated

What is the price of CASCO insurance in Kharkov?

The price depends on the year of manufacture of the car, place of registration and the cost of the car. Also, the cost depends on the brand of car. The more expensive the brand, the more popular it is with car thieves. Accordingly, this affects the price of the insurance policy. 

Buy CTP (auto)

Everything that is installed on the car after leaving the car dealership is considered additional equipment. Additional equipment is insured separately - it is entered into the contract. 

Why KIRINS Insurance Agent?

We provide an insurance contract from a reliable Austrian insurance company with loyal rates.

Service provider - European insurance company Payments occur within 3 days from the date of submission of the last document Damage within 5% of the cost of the car is covered without a certificate from the police 24 hour roadside assistance The service is valid not only in Ukraine, but also abroad 

How to buy insurance in Kharkov?

We can arrange insurance without the personal presence of the client, it is enough to send documents to viber or e-mail. We ourselves make a trip to inspect the car. For advice, contact any of our phones. Policy delivery in Kharkov and throughout Ukraine is free! Nikita Kirin was with you.