Car insurance in Ukraine

An example of an OSAGO policy

Car insurance in Ukraine

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Don't forget to buy car insurance to protect your finances. OSAGO, Green Card or CASCO insurance - all products are available from us
Car insurance from a reliable insurance company is the key to a restful sleep.

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How to apply for an insurance policy online?

By online form

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By online chat

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Benefits of buying online

Convenient design
Convenient designWithout papers and visits to the office
Time saving
Time savingRegistration takes no more than 5 minutes
Without papers
Without papersThe policy does not need a printed version
Impossible to lose
Impossible to loseThe policy cannot be lost, it is always with you


Do I need a stamp on an electronic policy?

No. E-policy for car has the same legal force as the printed version. Most car insurance policies have a QR code to check their validity in a single system

How do I add car insurance to Diia?

On the day the insurance policy comes into force, the data is automatically saved in Diia. You do not need to take any additional actions

Do I need to buy insurance for an electric car?

Yes, you do. An electric car is the same vehicle that must be insured according to the law. But the price of insurance for an electric car has a separate category

For how long can I buy car insurance?

Each car insurance has its own terms from 15 days to 1 year. But there are exceptions: CASCO can be valid not only for 1 year, but also on a quarterly basis. OSAGO for cars with permanent registration is issued only for 1 year, but there are other terms. You can learn more about this in the article

How do I know the end date of my car insurance?

Information about the end date is available only in your insurance policy. Only the policy owner and the insurance company that provides the policy can know the end date. Other people cannot see this information. You can also check your insurance only for the current or past date

How do I check the validity of car insurance?

To check, you need to use the MTIBU service. This is described in detail in the article

Can I take out insurance for another person?

Yes. You can take out car insurance for any person. But be careful that the CASCO insurance has a beneficiary who will receive the insurance indemnity

The OSAGO policy is not displayed in Diia

Be sure to check for valid insurance in the unified MTIBU system. Diia is not an official application for checking the validity of insurance. Also check the VIN code and car number for correctness, as these fields affect the display of insurance in Diia

Do I need to buy compulsory trailer insurance?

Yes, you do. According to the law, there is a separate category of trailer insurance that has its own price, which can also be calculated in our calculator

What is car insurance?

Car insurance - is a generalized section of car insurance that includes compulsory and voluntary types of insurance.

Any type of car insurance is designed to protect finances in the event of an accident, as well as to transfer liability to insurance companies. In turn, the insurance company assumes the risks under the insurance contract for a fee. The amount of insurance payments in compulsory insurance is usually regulated by the Law of Ukraine. While the insurance amounts for voluntary types of insurance are usually set by the insurance company itself.

Car insurance: types that exist

Car insurance can cover expenses:

  • To third parties - payment is made to victims through the fault of the policy holder. Most often seen in a OSAGO or Green Card

  • To the insured car - the insurance company covers damages caused to the insured car. For example - CASCO insurance

Car insurance can work:

  • In Ukraine

  • Outside of Ukraine

The main types of car insurance:

  • Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (OSAGO) has been the most popular and mandatory type of insurance in Ukraine since 2005. Any car must have insurance that covers damage to third parties up to the limit set by law

  • Green Card is an international insurance contract. It is also mandatory for cars crossing the border of Ukraine with other countries. This type of insurance also covers damage to third parties, but the limit of insurance coverage depends on the country. You can find a list of countries and limits in a separate article

  • CASCO is a voluntary type of insurance that covers damage to your car. This insurance product has different conditions in each insurance company and can be valid both in Ukraine and abroad

  • Additional coverage - voluntary liability, which can increase the limits of OSAGO. Thanks to this voluntary insurance, you can add insurance coverage to the limits prescribed by the Law of Ukraine

How much does car insurance cost?

Each car insurance has its own price and is calculated using the calculators on our website. However, it should be noted that there are insurances with pricing at the state level, and there are those at the discretion of the insurance company. 

For example, Green Card prices are the same in all insurance companies. Whereas OSAGO is regulated by law in the form of adjustment coefficients. The price of Additional coverage insurance can be different, but not more or less than the "legal prices".

How to buy car insurance online?

You can buy car insurance on our website. You need to visit the page of the required insurance product and use a convenient online cost calculator.

In general, each type has the following stages:

  1. Calculating the cost based on the parameters of the car and the required conditions

  2. Selecting an interesting offer from the list

  3. Filling in the data on the insured

  4. Filling in the data on the vehicle

  5. Payment for insurance

  6. Instant receipt of insurance by email in the case of automatic products or receipt of the policy after registration by our managers (in the case of non-automated insurance products)