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Insurance to Poland

Insurance to Poland

Poland is one of the most popular countries for travelling abroad. Ukrainians go there for a trip or for a work. The purpose of the trip can be anything, but insurance is needed in any case.
There are 2 types of trips
Visa-free (with a biometric passport up to 90 days or by invitation for any period)
With a visa (for any duration of the visa)

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How to apply for an insurance policy online?

By online form

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By online chat

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*— Using the payment system or using KIRINS details

Benefits of buying online

Convenient design
Convenient designWithout papers and visits to the office
Time saving
Time savingRegistration takes no more than 5 minutes
Impossible to lose
Impossible to loseThe policy cannot be lost, it is always with you

The price of insurance to Poland for applying for a VISA, by invitation or visa-free

Poland is one of the most popular countries for traveling abroad. Ukrainians go there on a visit, on a trip or for work. The purpose of the trip can be anything, but insurance is needed in any case.

Let's immediately define that there are 2 types of trips:

  1. By visa-free (with a biometric passport up to 90 days or by invitation for any period)

  2. With a visa (for any period of validity of the visa)

You will receive insurance from top companies in the insurance market

The price of insurance in Poland also depends on this. For example, it is cheaper to get insurance for a VISA than when traveling with a biometric passport. This is how tariffs are formed in any insurance company. But not everyone is accredited at the visa centers when applying for a visa to Poland. Our website lists accredited insurance companies in visa centers.

Insurance to Poland online

If you are traveling on a visa-free basis, then insurance to Poland is issued electronically online. We will issue it in 5 minutes and send it to you by mail or messenger. Online registration saves your time and allows us to serve you as quickly as possible. Even being at the airport it is not too late to buy insurance, because we will issue and send it in a matter of minutes.

How is insurance in Poland processed?

The stages of obtaining insurance in Poland are as simple as possible for you.

  1. You enter the parameters in the online calculator and choose the offer that suits you in terms of price and conditions

  2. Fill out the order form with data from the documents - passport and identification code

  3. Make a payment through the payment system or using KIRINS details

  4. Check the policy by e-mail and write an honest review about our company

What to do in case of an insured event in Poland?

If you have purchased insurance from us, then in the event of an insured event, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Call the insurance company at the phone number indicated in the insurance policy (there are also Viber and WhatsApp)

  2. Explain the situation and wait for instructions from the insurance company

  3. Depending on the severity of the insured event, you will be directed to the nearest clinic or an ambulance will be called

  4. All further expenses are covered by the insurance company. You will not need to collect checks and wait for the payment to be made. Everything will be done on the spot.

Electronic travel insurance to Poland

Electronic insurance in Poland makes your life easier. No need to go to the office or wait for a courier! We are in the 21st century, the era of technology makes our life as convenient and simple as possible. We will do everything for you.

All you need is documents. Electronic tour insurance will be ready and sent in a convenient way for you

You can buy travel insurance to Poland for any period from 5 days to 1 year. There are a lot of design options. For example, some of them:

  1. For certain dates (5 days, a week, etc.). The insurance will start on the start date and end on the end date.

  2. Take out insurance in Poland for a year with any period of validity. You can make intermittent insurance for 30 days during the year. This means that during the whole year, when the insurance is valid, you can leave and enter Poland. As soon as you left Ukraine, the insurance starts to operate and the days are counted down. Upon arrival back, the insurance is suspended. And so gradually the days of stay in Poland are taken away from 30 days.

  3. Buy insurance in Poland for 1 year. Such insurance is suitable for those who are going to stay in Poland without leaving the country throughout the year. If you leave Poland with such insurance, it ceases to be valid. That is why, if you are going to travel back and forth, you can buy insurance "300 days / year". And throughout the year you can stay there for 300 days. If you stay there longer than planned, then at the end of the validity period we will be able to renew the insurance electronically in a matter of minutes. 

Take out insurance in Poland and get a lot of advantages:

  • Insurance from an accredited company

  • Guarantee of submission to the visa center (if you are going to receive a visa)

  • Quick settlement of insured events

  • The company will pay for everything, you do not spend a penny