What is CASCO and why is it needed?

Consider one of the most interesting insurance products - CASCO. Many may have heard this word from their friends or from insurance agents. But not everyone knows what it is. Now we will try to tell as much as possible about this product and answer such questions: "why insure CASCO?", "What does this type of insurance give?", "How much will I be paid in case of any incident?" and many others.

So let's start with what this product is. CASCO is a type of insurance for your car against any damage, whether it is an accident or just someone broke your glass in the parking lot. In fact, CASCO is insured not only by car owners, but also by owners of such vehicles as planes, trains, ships.

CASCO is a completely voluntary insurance and no one can force you to buy this service. Owners who are very worried about their car when it is parked or even under the porch need to insure their car under CASCO. Also for owners who still feel insecure behind the steering wheel.

CASCO gives you a complete set of insurance for your car. By the way, CASCO is an excellent addition to OSAGO (autocitizen).

If you are the owner of such an insurance contract as CASCO, then you should not worry about an accident. All you need is to record the damage to the car (accident photo) and call the insurance agent. If you are in a hurry, then you do not even need to wait for the police. You can safely drive on to work with photos of the accident. In this case, CASCO will cover the costs of your car, and OSAGO will cover the second car.

But how much will they pay me? - you ask. It all depends on the severity of the damage. But the highest insurance payout is the value of your car. Yes, you read that correctly, it is the total cost of your car. Agree, a good payout.

Many customers believe that if you get into an accident, the cost of the next insurance will be higher, because now you are a “driver with an accident”. But in fact, this is not the case, and subsequent insurance will not become more expensive.

“The amount covers the duration of the insurance.” What does it mean? This means that if you get into an accident and have exhausted the limit of payment, then in the next accident you will no longer have the sum insured. For example, you insured your car for UAH 200,000 and got into an accident. You have been paid 150 thousand UAH. and you have 50 thousand left on your balance. In the next accident for 150 thousand, you will be paid only 50 thousand.

CASCO nuances:

CASCO is mandatory for people who buy a car on credit, however, when buying on credit, you must make sure that the bank where you take the loan works with the insurance company you want to apply to.

We offer you to insure your car under CASCO with us, as you will receive European service, fast payouts and the best insurance agents with whom it will be a pleasure to deal with.

If you still have any questions - please contact us!