What is the Bonus Malus ratio for OSAGO?

What is this nice Bonus-Malus ratio?

The bonus-malus ratio is a ratio that varies depending on whether or not you have insurance payments due to your fault throughout your insurance history.

It is often referred to as the accident-free discount.

The essence of this coefficient is to make an incentive gift for the client of the insurance company in case of accident-free driving. After all, driving safely is a huge responsibility. However, if a person has already been in an accident through his own fault, and a payment has been made to him, then the bonus-malus will significantly increase the cost of insurance. Accordingly, the more accidents, the more the coefficient increases.

Here is an example of calculating the coefficient for accident-free driving:

  • 1 year - factor 1

  • Year 2 - coefficient 0.95

  • 3 year - coefficient 0.9

  • 4 year - coefficient 0.85

In other words, each year of accident-free driving will save you 5% on the cost of the policy annually.

It is important to note that this coefficient is not applied when applying for a policy in 2023.

But in order not to be guilty in an accident, it is enough to know the rules of the road and simply follow them. Remember - you are the master of your life. Your life is in your hands!