What is OSAGO and why is it needed?

What is OSAGO insurance (autocitizen)

This is a mandatory car insurance, which is checked by the police on the territory of Ukraine. When buying OSAGO insurance, the insurance company takes responsibility for damage to property of third parties (another's car, pole, fence near the house, etc.)

The article will answer the main questions: What does OSAGO insurance provide? What insurance payments? What do they pay for car insurance? Do you need OSAGO insurance?

OSAGO (autocitizen) is a mandatory type of insurance for your car. Everyone who has a car is simply obliged to be insured in any OSAGO company. Many people confuse OSAGO with CASCO. However, the difference is obvious - CASCO is issued for your car, and an autocitizen for someone you can hit on the road.

What is Europrotocol and when is it needed?

In the event of an accident, this insurance covers damage to the other vehicle(s). If the accident is insignificant, then you can fill out a simplified version of the registration of an accident (European protocol).

The Europrotocol is a special form, unified throughout Europe, which is filled in by drivers involved in an accident at the scene of an accident. In the future, the completed European protocol is presented to the insurance company and serves as the basis for the payment of insurance compensation.

If you have OSAGO insurance, you relieve yourself of the extra costs of repairing someone else's car. And really, why repair someone else's car if the insurance company can do it. However, the amount that the insurance company will cover is limited.

How much will the insurance company pay me?

In 2023, OSAGO insurance limits were increased from UAH 130,000 to UAH 160,000 for property and from UAH 260,000 to UAH 320,000 for health.

Based on the limits at the moment, the insurance company will pay for the repair of someone else's car or other property an amount within UAH 160,000. Because of the expensive cars on the roads, it is worth buying an add-on to OSAGO. There is an extension from 100,000 to 1,000,000 UAH. The price of such insurance will be insignificant compared to the amount of payment.

It is worth mentioning that the sum insured is calculated for the entire duration of the insurance (1 year). What does it mean? This means that if you crashed someone else's car for 50,000 UAH. this time, then next time you will be paid a maximum of UAH 110,000. If you reach the payout limit, then the next time you have an accident, you will no longer have money to repair someone else's car and you will have to pay out of your own pocket.

This is all logical, of course, but many do not understand this, and with the 3rd accident in a year, they complain that they are not paid money. Although in fact, for the first 2 accidents, they have already received the maximum annual amount of UAH 160,000.

In this case, an addition to insurance is needed, since the payout limit will be much higher. 

Do you need OSAGO insurance?

In fact, since this is compulsory insurance, you should not have this question. But if it still arose, then here is the answer to it.

If you do not have OSAGO insurance, the police officer will write you a fine. Agree, it would be very unpleasant, knowing that, for example, the minimum cost of the policy is approximately equal to the amount of the fine. Why pay fines if you can pay less for insurance and plus in the event of an accident you will also receive a payment.

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