How to get a certificate for accident-free driving experience?

Since the beginning of the war, many Ukrainians have been forced to leave the country and are still abroad. Of course, most people buy a Green Card for a car with Ukrainian registration, but there are cases when a person cannot or does not want to buy a Green Card. In this case, they try to buy "local" insurance in the country of residence. To save money, the client tries to prove that he or she has not had any recent insured events.

Why do people need a certificate for accident-free driving?

The cost of insurance services in Europe is higher than in Ukraine. Moreover, in Europe, there is a coefficient for accidental driving or for clients with no insurance history. When Ukrainians need to insure their cars abroad, they immediately try to get a certificate of accident-free driving in Ukraine.

With this certificate, a foreign insurance company can create a history in which a person has no insurance claims in the last 3 years. This makes it possible to buy insurance in a particular country at a lower cost.

Who can get a certificate for accident-free driving?

You can get a certificate in the following cases:

  1. The person had valid insurance policies from a Ukrainian insurance company for his/her car

  2. There were no insured events under the existing insurance contracts

When obtaining a certificate, many people have questions, because not everyone has purchased an insurance policy from the same company over the past 3 years. Therefore, a person needs to contact each company separately and receive this certificate for different periods. But now there is a solution! All information on insurance claims is stored in a single MTIBU system, and now it is possible to apply to only one company to obtain a document.

How to get a certificate online from MTIBU?

We have created complete instructions for obtaining this certificate online. Follow a few simple steps to get a certificate from MTIBU on your own.

  1. Go to the official MTIBU telegram chat: @MTSBUagent_bot

  1. Start the dialog by pressing "Start" or writing "/start"

  2. Select "Other questions" from the menu

  1. sSelect the menu item "Obtaining a certificate of accident-free driving experience for a foreign company"

  1. As a result, you will receive all the necessary information to submit an application to the MTIBU for a certificate.

  1. If necessary, you can contact the MTIBU operator in the same chat to clarify the details.

  2. Send an application by email: [email protected]

Be careful, MTIBU usually responds within 3 business days.

How to fill out an application for a certificate?

The application for a certificate must be filled out by hand or printed on a computer in any form. It is important that the application is signed in accordance with the requirements for approving documents (signature and full name). Otherwise, MTIBU will reject the application due to anonymity.

Important! The application must be filled out on behalf of the person for whom the certificate will be issued. This may be important for a foreign insurance company.