Accident without evidence of insurance from the guilty or victim

Nowadays, trust in insurance companies is very low, thus a lot of accidents occur without insurance, either from the guilty or from the victim.

If the victim does not have insurance, then this is not the end of the world, it simply will not be possible to issue a European protocol. But if the guilty person does not have insurance, then this is already a problem for all participants in the accident.

First, if an accident occurs, follow these recommendations:

  • Do not move cars, even if you have blocked the entire passage

  • Call the police at the scene of the accident (except if you are going to pay on the spot)

  • Find out the extent of the damage (who was injured? Perhaps there are serious injuries in people who got into this accident, in which case you need to call an ambulance)

  • Notify the insurance company about this incident

  • Try to collect all the evidence and data from witnesses to the accident (video from registrars, phone numbers of witnesses, etc.)

What to do in case of an accident without insurance of the guilty person?

In this scenario, problems appear both for the guilty and the victim in this accident. In any case, you must follow all the previous recommendations.

If a person does not want to deal on the spot, or you are not satisfied with the conditions offered by the guilty,  then feel free to call the police.

Calling the police will help in that the officers will issue you with an official document about the traffic accident, which in the future will confirm the case in court.

By the time the police arrive, try to draw a diagram of the accident as close as possible, this will speed up the process.

After an accident through the court, if the victim has insurance, the MTIBU will pay, and then file a recourse against the guilty. In any case, the culprit will pay the victim out of his own pocket. 

What to do if the victim does not have insurance?

If the guilty has insurance, but the victim does not, then in this case it is impossible to issue a European protocol, the police are called. Then the victim writes an application to the insurance company of the victim and within a certain period receives a payment (usually within 3 days).

In any case, a necessity is to call to the insurance company at the time of the accident and registration of the case.

Think about insurance before an unpleasant event occurs.