Georgia opened borders for Ukrainians

Since March 1, 2021, Georgia has opened its borders for Ukrainians. This is very good news lately.

Georgia experienced quarantine measures much more difficult than Ukraine. They hoped that some of the toughest restrictions in Europe would be able to overcome the coronavirus (COVID-19). But, unfortunately, all these actions did not bring success. And since Georgia is a tourist country, based on last year's experience, it can be argued that the borders will remain open until the end of the summer holiday season. 

Rules for entering Georgia under quarantine

If you are already planning a trip to Georgia, then do not forget to buy medical (travel) insurance.

The main condition for entry is the presence of two PCR tests. The first must be done in your country 72 hours before arrival (no later than this time). In the current situation with coronavirus, you just need to get used to and, probably, come to terms with the fact that tests will be mandatory in all countries that open.

At the moment, there are private laboratories in every city, where they will gladly do a PCR test for you to travel to Georgia. But there is a small condition that is required at some airports - you need to have a certificate with the result in English. Since passengers who do not have paper confirmation of the test result are simply not allowed on the plane.

Upon arrival, you will be tested again for a negative result. After that, all foreigners (non-citizens of Georgia) will need to fill out questionnaires with contact details and address of residence in Georgia.

The reason for filling out the questionnaire is a mandatory PCR test for coronavirus on the third day of your stay in Georgia.

Important! Even before re-passing the test, you can freely move around the territory of Georgia and visit any place. You will be able to re-test at the laboratory closest to you.

Even if for some reason you forget about taking the test again, you will be reminded!

Rules and restrictions for tourists in Georgia

No one has canceled the mask mode, so you have the obligation to wear a mask both indoors and outdoors. Tourists who visited Georgia first from the moment of opening could only eat at their hotel. When the weather improves, you can sit on the summer terrace in a cafe or restaurant.

Restaurants have reopened since March 8. Now you can absorb all the delights of Georgian cuisine. There is something to see in Georgia!