How to check for a fine for traffic violations?

In the regions of Ukraine, cameras for photographing traffic violations are increasingly being installed, control over the correctness of parking is being tightened and, of course, letters are sent with information about the amount that we already owe the state. But how not to miss the fine and subsequently not pay twice as much? After all, the letter is planned to be sent by Ukrposhta to the legal address of the owner of the vehicle. A driver who lives at a different address may not know at all about the accumulation of the amount of debt.

Ways to check for fines and pay for traffic violations 

1. Website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

To quickly check for the absence or presence of a fine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has already developed the service.

When you enter the state number of the vehicle and the number of the driver's license/series, passport number/resolution number, you will receive up-to-date information about the presence of fines.

If there was a traffic violation on the vehicle, which was successfully recorded, the service will show not only the amount of the fine, but also detailed information about the place and details of the violation.

It is convenient to make payments on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs because:

  1. You save 50% of the amount if you pay within 10 working days

  2. Details will be pulled up automatically, which is why it is important not to make a mistake in the recipient's data.

2. Mobile application 

To check the presence of a fine, you can install the mobile application Penalties of the PDR. In it, when entering a document about the vehicle or owner, you will be provided with information about the presence or absence of recorded violations. At the same time, a huge drawback is that it will not work to pay the fine in the application. To do this, you will need to use another service. 

3. Telegram bots

Another convenient service has been developed in Telegram - @OpenDataUABot, which is gaining more and more popularity among Ukrainian motorists. This bot allows you to add a car to track fines, find out the latest information and subscribe to updates (receive notifications of new fines), get help in case of difficulties, and also pay for traffic violations with a 10% discount.

4. Privat 24 or monobank

You can check the presence of a fine both in the mobile application and in the full version of the site. The system will pull up information on your identification code. At the same time, you can pay the fine using any card in your application. You can check unpaid fines in the “Fines for traffic violations” section.

5. Electronic driver cabinet

To enter the system ( you need an electronic digital signature or BankID. The sections “My last fines”, “My protocols” provide all the relevant information about your traffic violations.

Why is it important to follow traffic rules now? 

In the first months of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the violation cameras were partially disabled. This can be explained by the traffic on the roads, the evacuation of civilians and the logistics of military equipment closer to the collision line. At the same time, Ukrainian drivers are accustomed to a weakened control and now more and more accidents can be observed on the roads. Be careful! Let peaceful life come soon, but for now, let's not create an additional threat to civilians.