KIRINS - scammers or cool professionals?

KIRINS - good agents

Why is it worth taking out insurance on the website without hesitation and reservations:

  • First, always pay attention to customer reviews that are in open sources - Ссылка на отзывы в Google. Pay attention to which aspects were noted by previous users. Both positive and negative reviews should be read to form a complete understanding of the agent's process.

  • Also pay attention to how the process of transferring funds happens. When filling in the data form and placing an online order for an insurance policy on the website, you will be redirected to the payment page using the LiqPay payment system. This is a payment system from Privat Bank, which carefully checks the counterparties it deals with, and therefore does not cooperate with scammers and clearly reflects where your funds were sent and in what amount. So, you can use ApplePay, GooglePay, card details and other possible ways of recalculating funds that will be offered on the site after the application is made.

  • An important criterion should highlight the main advantage of online orders, namely, the independent entry of data on which insurance will be issued. Such a system leads to the prevention of errors that could occur when the company manager entered the insurance contract into the system. You trust yourself, which means that there should not be any difficulties here :)

  • With the advent of electronic insurance, it has become easier to check the validity of the received insurance policy. For example, upon receiving a Green Card policy, you can immediately scan the QR code and check the data in the database. Or google "Checking OSAGO action" and find an CTP by policy number or car number.

So, friends, we work for you! Every day we improve our service, so test it and be sure to write reviews - this will help us improve the quality of service and our customers dare to have such a convenient and profitable cooperation :)