When will Poland open its borders with Ukraine?

During the quarantine period, Poland is one of the most popular countries for Ukrainians to travel to. If everything is clear with leaving on a VISA, then when will the borders be opened for traveling to Poland as a tourist?

It is extremely difficult to answer this question, and perhaps impossible at the moment. Why? The situation is extremely dependent not only on the number of cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Poland itself, but also on other countries from which most people come.

At some point, Poland and other countries will be able to open entry for tourists, because they are the country's good income. But, for sure, the conditions of stay in the country will be limited for a long time. Wearing protective masks, communicating with keeping a distance and visiting cafes and restaurants less often will definitely be relevant in the near future.

What is the situation for working in Poland?

The closed borders do not affect those who have received a work visa or an invitation to work from an employer. Poland is always glad to see those who are ready to work. No matter how bad it may sound for Ukraine.

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Plan the future together with Ukraine, create new and interesting projects. Make sure that Ukrainians do not leave the country, but accept tourists from other countries of the world!