Who and when checks OSAGO?

Many say that compulsory OSAGO insurance is needed only so that the police do not fine. And most of these people make a huge mistake by buying autocitizen policy somewhere on the side of the road or from obscure insurers who charge an unreasonably low price.

As the saying goes, a miser pays twice. And why? We will tell you a secret: when you insure, the car enters the general database of insured cars MTIBU. When checking the policy in the database, it may turn out that your car is not in the database, and then it will be clear that your policy is not real. Therefore, trying to buy a cheap policy “from the police” is possible, but you must understand that you will just waste your money.

The logic of people who buy a cheap policy is not clear. After all, for sure everyone understands that in the event of an accident, it is 99% likely that he will simply not be paid money. And if a person goes with claims to this insurer or sues him, then most likely he will either not be there, or he will generally say that he does nothing of the kind and that the signature is not his at all.

So, who can check your insurance?

Your OSAGO insurance can be easily checked by a police officer or a traffic police officer. If you violated the rules, you will be stopped by a police officer and, first of all, he will require you to provide documents with insurance. In the event that you do not have insurance, you will be required to pay a fine.

Agree, it is better to pay once a year for insurance than to pay the amount of the fine at each stop.

Also be sure to check auto insurance at the next inspection. Without insurance, your car simply will not pass inspection.

I think this information is enough for you to understand where you need to insure a car and why roadside insurance will cost you a penny. 

So, let's summarize the main results:

  1. It is obligatory to insure in a reliable company that will not go anywhere and will pay you money on time.

  2. The policy is bought not to avert the eyes of the police, but for your safety. Probably, the extra spending of money will not please anyone.

  3. Paying money for fines is the business of those who save. You are required to have OSAGO insurance - take this seriously. 

Don't fall for scammers. You can apply for an OSAGO policy directly on our website. Calculate the current price and do not pay fines in vain.