Medical insurance

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In this post, we will talk about health insurance in Ukraine and will answer the questions: Why do you need health insurance? How to get medical insurance? Do children need health insurance?  

Ready? Go! 

Medical insurance is a voluntary type of health insurance. The insurance company will help you with making an appointment with a doctor, calling an ambulance, paying for treatment and operations, and much more. 

The main purpose of this insurance is precisely the provision of medical care, but anything can be included in the list of options (for an additional fee). 

Why do you need health insurance?

Those who have been insured under this insurance at least once will never stop insuring. Why? It's simple. Everyone has colds or more serious illnesses. As soon as something happens, it’s scary to go to doctors and pharmacies, because prices for medicines are cosmic. 

But imagine that you have paid for insurance once a year and use it at any time convenient for you. Cool? Yes! 

You don't need to think about where to find money for certain drugs. And most importantly, we ourselves will make an appointment with a doctor at a time when it is convenient for you. 

Medical insurance is needed!  

Family health insurance

All medical insurance with similar options is issued for a group of people. If you want to insure, then at least you need to insure the whole family! 

Family health insurance will be like your guardian angel, because children get sick more often. One trip to the pharmacy and several thousand hryvnias are gone. And this is just a runny nose and cough. 

In short, family insurance is a complete protection of your money in case of unforeseen situations. 

Medical insurance for children

Children's health insurance is drawn up with the parents, but it can also go separately. For example, you, as the policyholder, insure your children, but do not indicate yourself in the insurance contract. In this case, only children will be able to use the insurance.  

The advantage of medical insurance for children with us is that you can choose where you want to receive treatment. 

International medical insurance

International medical insurance needed to travel abroad. If you cross the border of Ukraine, you must be insured. This insurance covers any accident other than chronic illness. 

Health insurance cost

The cost of health insurance depends on the options you choose. 

The most common option is UAH 9000 per year (only UAH 750 per month) per 1 insured person with an insured amount of UAH 250,000. This cost includes treatment, medicines, etc. 

You can increase the amount indefinitely, but such a health insurance program is an ideal option "Price - Quality"  

Buy health insurance

To register (purchase) medical insurance, it is enough to provide scanned copies of your documents (passport and TIN code) for each insured person. 

Then we choose the insurance program you are interested in and conclude an agreement. The very next day after registration, the insurance will be valid with coverage of all possible diseases. 

After registration of medical insurance, you pick up the original at the office or we deliver it to you by New mail (at our expense). 

Believe me, voluntary health insurance will make you feel like a VIP client, because it is truly a premium type of insurance. Who is insured, nothing ever happens to him. The insurance company holds its fists for you stronger than anyone else! ?


How much does health insurance cost?

There is no single cost of health insurance, since you can individually choose a large number of options and the insurance amount. We offer an option for UAH 9,000 per year with an insured amount of UAH 250,000. It can be either decreased or increased, it all depends on your needs

How many people can be insured?

Minimum number of insured: 4 There is no maximum number, we take on insurance an unlimited number of insured under one contract.

How to get medical insurance online?

Everything is very simple! We will agree with you the amount that is suitable for you, then you send us scanned copies of documents of the people whom you should enter in the list of insured and get ready-made insurance.