Medical insurance in Israel from IC Kniazha

Are you planning a trip to Israel? Don't forget to purchase an insurance policy for your safety.

IC Knyazha offers medical (tourist) insurance to Israel for any age. Together with the insurance policy, you get European quality and guarantees of payments.

What does health insurance cover in Israel?

The insurance policy provides you with protection in such cases:

  • Hospitalization - the insurance company covers the costs of hospitalization of the victim

  • Medical consultation - Provided by the best doctors of Israeli clinics

  • X-rays

  • Bandaging

  • First aid

  • Medications

  • Emergency Dental Care

What to do in the event of an insured event?

If an accident occurs in Israel, you should inform the insurance company about its occurrence within an hour.

How to do it? It's very simple - when insuring you are given a package of documents, which contains the telephone numbers of the main cities of the world and a single number of the insurance company.

During the call, you need to indicate the place where the insured event happened and register the event.

The insurance company will tell you the next steps you will need to take.

What is the amount of insurance coverage?

The amount of insurance coverage in Israel is 50,000 euros. There is a choice up to 100,000 euros, but with an increase in the cost of insurance.