VMI medical insurance for IT people

Among insurance products, medical is gaining momentum. This is high-quality and timely service in medical institutions of different levels. This type is available to successful people in our country, as an exceptionally thinking person is able to take out this type of insurance.

Consider the benefits of medical insurance:

This is the only type of insurance that surpasses the European service (doctor's consultation "today for today", receiving medical preparations at lightning speed)

When insuring family members, the responsibility for making decisions and material costs is assumed by the insurance company, and this is worth a lot!

The insurance company maintains a clear and strict control over prescriptions, as high-profile doctors, pharmacists and internal security work in the service. This eliminates fraud from clinics, pharmacies and other participants in the process. As a result - the client pays less and recovers faster

Timely diagnosis of any disease, since the possibility of getting to the wrong specialist is excluded;

In any city of Ukraine, in any medical center you will be accepted as a native. This is due to the fact that all licensed clinics are part of the network of the insurance company. And you are served by one specialist, to whom you get used from the beginning of the contract

When you get to the hospital, service from the best specialists, being in VIP rooms with WIFI. The decision is made even before the arrival of relatives. 

Negative sides:

  • Payment is made in one payment for the whole year. Maximum breakdown - by half year

  • There can be at least 4 people insured under one contract

  • With exceptions, cosmetic surgeries and manipulations.

  • Once tried this product will never refuse it!

Keep your life under control!