Rules for entering Egypt in the coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus infection, entry into Egypt has become a little more difficult. Attempts by this country to get rid of the coronavirus have not been successful, so tourists can fly in again, but certain rules must be observed when entering Egypt.

What are the conditions for entry? In fact, as in any other country, it is now necessary to have a PCR test with a negative result for COVID-19. But just having a test is not a guarantee of success. You can also buy insurance for Egypt in case you need medical assistance.

The test must comply with the following rules:

  • The test must be in English

  • It is necessary to pass the test in Ukraine no later than 72 hours before arrival in Egypt. Look and compare the conditions in different laboratories in advance, so that by the time of departure you already have the exact address and preferably even the time for passing the test

  • The test must be printed (not in electronic form), it must be wet stamped with a signature and a QR code, by which the airport staff in Egypt can verify its authenticity

  • It is also necessary to have all the data about the tourist: full name, his passport number, date of residence, information about travel dates and flight numbers

These rules apply to entry for Ukrainians and other foreigners. And be careful, because if you have a test that does not meet all the requirements, then you will be forced to do it again right at the airport. But this is an extra cost that can be avoided. 

How to behave in Egypt during quarantine?

First of all, you need to understand that the Egyptians are a hot and principled people. We do not recommend arguing and proving something to others, especially the police. Any problems on the territory of a foreign country can become very unpleasant.

But in order for your vacation to be successful and interesting, follow the basic rules for staying in Egypt in quarantine:

  • It is necessary to wear a mask both on the street and in public transport when traveling on an excursion or on your own in a taxi

  • Choose convenient routes for excursions or stay at the hotel so that your vacation is as good as possible

  • Check if you have a health insurance policy that will cover your expenses for coronavirus (COVID-19) or other medical care

What documents do I need to take to enter Egypt?

Tour operators often collect for you a complete package of documents required for Ukrainian citizens to enter Egypt. But if for some reason this did not happen or you want to check the documents yourself, then here is a list of them:

  • Original passport (valid for at least 6 months before the end of the tour)

  • A completed migration card (for the Sinai Peninsula, the city of Sharm el-Sheikh) or a VISA in case of a trip to a city such as Hurghada and others

  • Original PCR test

  • Tickets

  • Hotel booking

  • other

We wish you a pleasant holiday in Egypt!