Do I need to print the Green Card or is it enough to store it in my smartphone?

We all know that from 09/01/2022 MTIBU introduced an electronic version of the Green Card in Ukraine. This means that all insurance companies that are full members of the MTIBU have the opportunity to issue a PDF version of the insurance policy, which is sent to the client in any convenient online way.

Is it obligatory to print the Green Card insurance?

Immediately after the insurance is issued and registered in the unified MTIBU database, the insurance company (agent or broker) sends the generated PDF file (or files) to the client.

The complete Green Card package includes:

  1. insurance certificate

  2. The insurance policy itself

  3. Instructions for printing the contract

The certificate and policy pages must be printed on any printer in A4 format. According to the requirements of the MTIBU, all Green Cards must be printed.

Why print a Green Card after purchase?

It makes no sense to challenge the requirements of the MTIBU, and even more so, it is not necessary, since there is a logical explanation for this. Indeed, many countries accept an electronic version of insurance from the phone, but you can get to any of the European countries on the policeman, who will require you to print an insurance contract. Or a situation may arise when, for some reason, you will not be able to open a file from your phone due to lack of Internet or phone charge.

And if you do not present the policy, you may be fined a fairly large amount.


In September 2022, they adopted the electronic format of the Green Card, which is automatically registered in a single database and is available for online verification. You will be let through the border even if you forgot or did not have time to print out the insurance. But you must understand that there is a risk of running into a police officer who will require you to print out insurance.

On every trip, you need to minimize possible problems and solve them before they occur.

If possible, of course, print insurance and hit the road with peace of mind. 

Glory to Ukraine!