The main points and nuances of autocitizen insurance (OSAGO)

When applying for an OSAGO policy, not all clients think about important questions: How much will the company pay in case of an accident? What is not an insured event? Who will be paid if both are at fault?

Initially, it is important to understand that the autocitizen insurance policy covers the damage not to your car, but to third parties. Since not everyone has this type of policy, for various reasons, you can only pray for the repair of your car. To prevent this from happening, you can insure your car under CASCO. 

Liability limit

In 2023, the liability limit for OSAGO is UAH 160,000 for damage to property and up to UAH 320,000 for damage to the life or health of the victim.

You must understand that the insurance company pays out only within these amounts. In the event of an accident, the damage to your car will be assessed and if it does not exceed the sum insured, it will be repaired (if you agreed to a car service from the company) or the damage will be paid, taking into account wear and tear. If the damage exceeded the sum insured, you will be paid no more than 160 thousand UAH.

The same applies to the life and health of victims in an accident. The amount is paid only within 320 thousand UAH.

Cases where the damage is not compensated

According to the law on compulsory insurance, the insurance company does not reimburse:

  1. Damage caused to the offending vehicle.

  2. Damage caused to the life and health of passengers in the vehicle of the guilty accident.

  3. Damage caused to property in the vehicle of the guilty of the accident.

  4. Damage caused while using the car for a training trip or participation in official competitions.

  5. Damage associated with the loss of the commercial appearance of the car.

  6. Damage caused by riots.

  7. Damage caused by a natural disaster.

In case you want to protect yourself from all these cases, you need to insure your car under CASCO.

Payment for mutual fault

Such situations happen very rarely, but still you should know what you will be paid in the event of such an accident.

The law says that in case of mutual fault (no matter who is to blame and to what extent), each insurance company is obliged to pay 50% of the total amount of damage. But the second 50%, you will have to pay extra or repair the car at your own expense.