Receiving payment in MTIBU

From time to time, clients contact us who got into an accident through no fault of their own and the Guilty does not have an Auto Citizenship policy (OSAGO) for any reason. The reasons may be different - whether he simply did not purchase an insurance policy, whether he is exempt from insurance for special reasons (for example, a participant in hostilities). However, your car has been damaged and needs to be repaired.

This article describes a simple process for obtaining a refund from MTIBU.

What is the deadline for submitting an application for payment to the MTIBU?

According to the OSAGO law, the victim has 1 year to apply to the Insurance Company or MTIBU to receive compensation.

If you are preliminarily guilty of an accident, then you need to submit the necessary package of documents within 3 days (working days) from the moment of the accident. If the accident happened at the end or after the working day, then 3 days are counted from the next working day.

What documents are required for compensation of damages in MTIBU?

To prevent refusal or delay in the payment process, you need to collect all documents before sending them to MTIBU. Remember, MTIBU makes a decision only if the documents are fully provided according to their requirements. 

The following documents must be completed:

  • Accident notification (download link)

  • An application with full details of the bank from the owner of the car according to the registration certificate (or by General Power of Attorney). (download link)

Prepare scans of documents and certify them (On each scan, write "Copy is correct", date and signature):

  • Registration certificate (TC certificate)

  • Driver's rights (who was driving directly at the accident)

  • Passport and owner code (according to the registration certificate or by General Power of Attorney)

  • Copy of insurance policy

  • A copy of the administrative protocol (if it was drawn up for you)

  • Scheme and explanation of the accident (if photographed when compiling by police officers)

Just in case:

  • passport and driver code

  • owner's rights

Settlement process

Within 10 working days after sending the documents to the MTIBU, an expert should contact you to coordinate the inspection of your car.

In 2019, MTIBU reduced the settlement time from 90 to 60 days from the date of the accident. These terms refer to those cases in which the police were initially able to determine who was guilty of an accident (MTIBU will be recognized by a certificate from the police within a few days).

If the situation is disputable and the court cannot decide who is guilty by postponing the meetings, then MTIBU will not be able to make the payment within the specified time frame.

Read the latest data on the MTSBU website.

Can the car be repaired before payment?

Actually this is a controversial point. On the one hand, according to the law, you can restore your car after inspection by an independent expert. But on the other hand, a situation may arise that your car is insured by several insurance companies at the same time, and then this will complicate the process (but this is extremely rare).