How to take out property insurance (house or apartment)?

KIRINS offers online property insurance from Colonnade Insurance Company. We have developed detailed instructions for you on how to find out the cost of a policy for an apartment or house, as well as how to order it in a matter of minutes.

How to calculate the cost of property insurance?

  1. The first step is to set up the calculator. To do this, on the property insurance page, select the type of premises (apartment or house) and specify the area. Let's take a 120 m2 house as an example.

  1. After that, click on the "Calculate the price" button and you will be presented with the available offers. In the case of a 120 m2 house, 3 current offers were generated.

How to choose an offer for house or apartment insurance?

  1. The next step in applying for insurance online is to choose an offer among the available ones. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

"Vacation" tariff. The main difference of this tariff is the validity period of 30 days. Therefore, it is perfect for traveling and vacationing. In the case of a conditional house of 120 m2, the cost of this offer is UAH 700. At the same time, the list of risks is limited. Cases related to fire and water, intentional actions of third parties, falling of aircraft, etc. are covered (see screenshot). The sum insured for damage to utilities and plumbing is UAH 50,000, and in case of damage to movable property (furniture, appliances), the indemnity will be up to UAH 75,000. Before ordering, you can familiarize yourself with the contract offer.

“Basic” tariff. The terms of this offer are very similar in terms of risks and sums insured to the "Vacation" tariff, but the main difference is the validity period of one year. Thus, at the cost of UAH 950, you will receive financial security for 12 months.

“Extended” tariff. This offer for a period of 12 months provides for an extended list of covered risks. In addition to the standard list from the previous tariffs, it includes damage to glass elements and surfaces, short circuit, damage to neighbors, and cleaning after the insured event. The limit has also been increased - UAH 1,200 thousand for movable property, communications and plumbing, UAH 30 thousand for short circuit and UAH 100 thousand for other cases, respectively. The cost of the extended offer for a 120 m2 house is UAH 4,900 per year.

What information do I need to take out a property policy?

  1. After you have decided on the offer, you need to click the "Buy Online" button and fill out a simple order form.

  1. Enter the data about the insured and the premises, check the correctness of the entered information and make a payment in a convenient way. Congratulations! The finished file has been sent to your email!