Green card policy check

Checking the Green Card by car or policy number

Each car that travels outside Ukraine must be insured under the Green Card policy. You ask, will the customs officers at the border check the green card? Yes, each car is checked in a single Centralized MTIBU database!

Not only a border guard officer can check the authenticity of a Green Card, but you yourself.

Follow the link below to check your Green Card policy: 

Check Green Card

How to check the Green Card online? 

If you have purchased a Green Card insurance policy and want to verify its authenticity, then follow the tips below.

You can check the validity:

  1. Before the start of the policy - in the database the policy will be with the status “Stowed, but not yet” and the inscription is yellow

  2. At the moment or after the start of the action - the status is “Active” and the inscription in green 

Check insurance before action

In this case, you can check only by the number of the insurance policy. The number is indicated in the upper right part of the insurance.

Check insurance after the start of the action

If you make a check on the day the insurance starts or later, you can do this using the following data:

  • Insurance policy number

  • State number of the car format АА0000АА

Data on the Green Card, which gives the official website of the MTIBU

When checking genuine insurance on the MTIBU website, the following data is displayed:

  • About the insurance company that provides protection (name, status, phone, email, address)

  • About the vehicle (registration number, make and model, type, coverage area)

Important! In the unified MTIBU database, only cars with Ukrainian registration can be checked.