What is the city of registration of the vehicle owner and where to look for it?

When applying for a car insurance policy for your car, most people have a question: "Should I take out insurance under the registration of the owner or the car?". Today we will answer this question and clarify other points.

What is the owner's registration address?

The registration address is the place where a person is officially registered. This can be both in Ukraine and abroad.

When applying for car insurance, each insurance company requires the owner's place of registration when calculating the cost of insurance. Previously, it was possible to take out insurance both at the place of registration of a person and a car. But today there is a clear rule.

Why is it necessary to specify the registration of the car owner?

The old system encouraged car owners to register their cars in the region rather than in the city itself. This saved a lot of money every year, and in turn, insurance companies suffered large losses. It was decided at the legislative level that insurance should be taken out at the place of registration of the owner, no matter where the car is driven.

Of course, when you buy insurance on the website yourself, you can choose any city of registration (if this data is not in the police database and we cannot verify it), but in this case, there is a solution from insurance companies - regress. It means that when an insured event occurs, the company will compensate the victim for the loss, but then collect the amount of compensation from the policy holder.

Where can I find the place of registration of the car owner?

There are cases when you take out insurance for another person, or simply do not know who the owner is. In this case, you need to have the registration certificate to check it. In the address field (as shown in the figure below) you can see the full registration address of the owner of a particular car. It is the city of registration that you need to calculate.

What happens if you take out insurance in the wrong city?

Situations vary, but there are still a few things to understand:

The person's registration area.  There are 6 zones to which a particular settlement may belong. 1-5 - registration in Ukraine, 6 - registration outside of Ukraine.

Even if you have chosen another city for some reason, ask the manager if this place fits the price. If so, everything is fine.

However, if you made a mistake or chose it deliberately, you will not be able to avoid problems during the insured event. Be careful and do not try to save money in this way. For our part, we are technically doing our best to minimize such mistakes.