What is tourism and what types of tourism exist?

Many people love to travel, and they don't even think about the existence of different types of tourism. But if you are planning some new route or adventure, where different types of activities are planned and waiting for you, what should you do? Relax, we will describe the most popular types of tourism in Ukraine.

What is tourism in simple terms?

Tourism is a temporary departure of a person from his or her usual place of residence to achieve a certain goal. It is usually an educational, recreational or business trip.

A tourism manager is a specialist who manages the travel of individuals and coordinates their activities between tourists and organizations. 

What are the global types of tourism?

The World Tourism Organization has identified the main forms of tourism:

  1. Domestic - nationals in their own country

  2. Inbound - foreigners who come to a particular country

  3. Outbound - citizens of a certain country outside its borders

Also, tourism can be organized by you on your own (unorganized), organized by a professional company (organized), and organized voluntarily by certain travel clubs (independent).

Types of tourism in Ukraine by purpose of travel

  • Recreational and health tourism

  • Entertainment tourism

  • Event tourism

  • Professional and business tourism

  • Scientific and educational (congress)

  • Sports recreation

  • Shopping tours

  • Adventure (extreme)

  • Pilgrimage and religious

  • Nostalgic

  • Ecotourism

  • Exotic

  • Elite

Active tourism

Active tourism (or active recreation) is most often associated with hiking in the Carpathian Mountains or diving. But in fact, it is low-risk tourism, almost comparable to a regular trip. Active tourism is often used when traveling to hotels or on excursions where there may be an increased level of danger.

Sports tourism

Sports tourism can be both professional and amateur. If you plan to do sports on a professional level, for example, run a marathon or participate in sports competitions, then it can be called professional.

Types of tourism in insurance

Absolutely all types of tourism should be accompanied by travel insurance that will cover all the risks associated with this trip. Typically, tourism is divided into the following categories in insurance:

  1. Regular tourism

  2. Active recreation

  3. Sports

  4. Professional sports

  5. Extreme tourism

  6. For work purposes

  7. For educational purposes