Penalty for improper parking: amount and nuances?

Parking on the sidewalk, disobeying stop/parking signs, and parking in the wrong place are some of the most common violations in the metropolis for which drivers receive fines. Let's take a look at parking rules, fines, and nuances that will help vehicle owners save money.

Parking rules in Ukraine

According to the current traffic rules, it is forbidden to leave a car parked in Ukraine:

  1. In places where stopping is prohibited (including on bridges, overpasses and under them, in tunnels, on tram tracks)

  2. In places where a standing vehicle will make it impossible for other vehicles to move or create an obstacle to pedestrian traffic

  3. Near a boulevard or a dividing strip

  4. In the second row along already parked cars on the roadway

  5. On the sidewalk, unless a passage of at least 2 meters is left for pedestrian traffic or a corresponding road sign is installed

  6. On lawns

  7. In the area covered by "No Stopping" and "No Parking" signs.

It is also important to pay attention to the distance. Parking closer than:

  1. 5 meters to containers for collecting household waste

  2. 10 meters to the exit from the adjacent territory, intersection, pedestrian crossing, road works

  3. 30 meters to a public transport stop

  4. 50 meters to a railroad crossing.

What is the fine for improper parking?

The fine for parking in the wrong place is based on how wrong the place is 🙂.

So, if the car is parked not according to the rules of traffic signs, the driver will have to pay a fine of UAH 340.

However, if this creates an obstacle or threat to other road users, the amount will increase to UAH 680. 

The driver of a vehicle parked in a place intended for people with disabilities will be fined UAH 1020-1700.

Deadline for paying a parking fine

Remember that the fine must be paid within 30 days from the date of the violation. At the same time, if you pay the amount within 10 days, you will receive a 50% discount. 

In case of exceeding this period, a fine will be imposed on the perpetrator.