Penalty for not having insurance at the time of the stop

Many Ukrainians forget about compulsory car insurance as soon as they take it out. Not everyone can (or wants to) remind themselves or remember the expiration date of this insurance, which leads to the expiration of the insurance policy.

What is the penalty for not having a car insurance?

In 2024, the amount of the fine has not changed and amounts to UAH 850. But if you pay within 15 days of the fine being issued, the cost will be UAH 425.

There are people who say that this is a small amount of money and that it is sometimes cheaper to pay a fine than to buy insurance. But here we argue the opposite.

Why is it cheaper to buy insurance than to pay a fine?

The cost of insurance for big cities and cars with a large engine size and zero deductible will indeed be quite high. But, first, you can find inexpensive offers on our website even under these conditions, and second, you'll have to pay the insurance fine quite often.

The advantages of insurance over the constant payment of a fine:

  1. Insurance protects financial expenses in case of an accident caused by your fault

  2. The cost of insurance is quite insignificant compared to the possible payment

  3. Insurance is guaranteed to be purchased once a year, while the fine can be paid even every day. Of course, if you have bad karma :)

  4. Having insurance shows the responsible qualities of the policy holder

Are there categories of people who can drive without insurance?

Yes, of course, the Law of Ukraine "OSAGO" provides for clear categories of people who may be exempt from insurance and will not pay a fine for not having car insurance, namely

  • People with disabilities

  • Participants of military operations

Don't forget that having insurance is not only mandatory, but also protects you from possible expenses. After all, you can't insure yourself against problems