Cargo insurance - fast, reliable, professional!

Let's start with what is cargo insurance and what does it mean?

Cargo insurance is one of the types of property insurance, the purpose of which is to protect the property interests of cargo owners in case of losses caused by various kinds of accidents (insurance events) in the process of cargo transportation.

In other words, you insure the cargo against losses.

Why insure cargo?

In our world, almost every company uses the services of transportation of expensive equipment, production products. There is a need for loss insurance. In our fickle times, there is often a loss of cargo. In any case, you will ever have to transport something, and no one is insured against the above circumstances. That's when, when calculating losses, it becomes uncomfortable. This is the oldest area in insurance. It was during transportation in the event of various types of looting that our distant ancestors insured their ships. Only together it was possible to resist evil and survive. Here are the cases in which you should contact the insurance company.

The insurance is valid for:

  1. Provide protection against financial losses that arise due to damage to cargo, its theft, breakage, damage, non-acceptance of the entire lot or part of the lot, damage caused during transit;

  2. Provide protection against financial claims that may be brought against the owner of the goods on board the ship in the event of a declared general average where no damage has been caused to the goods themselves. 

Types of cargo insurance during transportation

There are various types of cargo insurance. You must choose the one that suits you best. Estimate the approximate number of cargo transportations per year. If less than 10, then insurance for each batch separately is also suitable for you. If the planned volume of transportation is greater, use the general cargo insurance contract for a year.

The first option loses to the second with a large number of cargo transportation. Since in this case you will have to prepare for each shipment, provide information on each shipment and spend time drawing up a contract.

In the second case, you will save not only time, but also your money. Since you will get good rates due to the larger transaction volume.

It is important that the insured is the company that owns the cargo or is responsible for it according to the documents. Otherwise, you may not receive insurance compensation.

The contract also supports several owners of the cargo, this is the case if the cargo is owned by several companies.

A company that is a non-resident of Ukraine can also insure the cargo, but only if the route passes through the territory of Ukraine.

The nuances of cargo insurance for international transportation

You will not be able to insure the cargo if the route contains a country subject to UN sanctions (Libya, Cuba, Iran and others).

The cost of cargo insurance depends on the type of transport, nature of the cargo, transportation route, packaging and other factors.