Apartment insurance in Kharkov - hurry to insure!

Each of us has some kind of housing and many worry about him while we are at work. And this is quite natural. Further in the article, it will be about property insurance, specifically about insurance of an apartment in Kharkov.  

Why insure an apartment?

Many people ask themselves this question. After all, every day passes without trouble and the apartment remains intact, and even the neighbors are good. What could happen to her? Only those who have not yet been in unpleasant situations think about this. After all, those people who have had any kind of trouble will insure all their property until the end of days. So why wait for the event? Think in advance. The cost of insurance of an apartment in Kharkov is very low. This is all due to the fact that such insurance events occur much less frequently than car accidents. 

It is better to protect yourself in advance, and not worry about the future.

What is subject to insurance?

Since an apartment is not just a box, you also need to insure your home property (TV, fridge, sofa).

And so, it is insured:

  • The construction of the apartment; 

  • Finishing (repair) and equipment of the apartment; 

  • Household property located in the apartment, which belongto the following groups: furniture and interior items, household and electrical appliances, personal items; 

  • Valuables (fur products, libraries, weapons, works of art). 

What does apartment insurance protect against?

There are 2 options for apartment insurance:

  1. "Property":

  • Fire: fire, lightning strike, gas explosion, fall of manned flying objects; 

  • Natural disasters; 

  • Damage to water, including water, sewer and heating systems; 

  • Collision with the insured property of land vehicles; 

  • Illegal actions of third parties: theft, robbery, robbery, intentional destruction or damage to property (including arson). 

2. "Responsible Neighbor" - causing harm to life, health and / or property of third parties as a result of a Fire, Gas Explosion, Flooding. In other words, you insure yourself against unnecessary waste in the event of an unforeseen situation with your neighbors through your fault. For example, when neighbors are flooded. 

What is the price of apartment insurance in Kharkov?

The cost of insurance is relatively low. For insurance of the apartment itself, you will pay 0.3% of the cost of insurance. For property - 0.5%. And "Responsible Neighbor" will cost 0.63% of the amount you choose. For example, your apartment is estimated at 300,000 UAH, property at 100,000 UAH and “Responsible neighbor” at 100,000 UAH. Such insurance will cost only 1800 UAH. That is, for an apartment of 400 000 UAH and 100 000 UAH. for unforeseen flooding of neighbors, the cost of insurance will be only 1800 UAH.