Motorbike insurance for motor third party liability insurance (OSAGO)

A motorcycle has been a favorite toy since childhood, and many seek to make this dream come true. In most cases, motorists buy exclusive models that are very expensive to maintain.

Insurance companies don't like to insure motorcycles. But KIRINS is an exception. We see an urgent need for a good policy that will fully cover possible damage. But to insure only a motor vehicle citizen (OSAGO) or also CASCO depends on many factors, including the availability of funds.

You can calculate the current cost in the online calculator on our website.

For how long can a motorcycle be insured?

A motorcycle can be insured for any period from 15 days to 1 year, just like a car. Most often, insurance is issued for the period during which they will travel. After all, no one drives in the winter, well, unless of course they want to freeze to the seat at sub-zero temperatures. Then why pay when the bike is worth it?

What is the price for a motorcycle license?

The price of motorcycle insurance depends on the number of cubes. They are divided into categories: up to 300 cubes and more than 300 cubes. The place of registration of your motorcycle and the validity of the insurance are also important. All these factors affect the price of insurance. The exact price of insurance can be calculated according to your parameters directly on the site.

What is the sum insured for a motorcycle citizen?

The insurance policy covers UAH 320,000. for the life and health of third parties and UAH 160,000 for damage to property of third parties. Everything is the same as in the autocitizen for a car.

And if you decide to purchase insurance from us, you will receive great bonuses:

  • We will remind you about the end of the insurance.

  • You have the opportunity to get insurance with discounts and pleasant bonuses

  • You can contact our managers for help at any time and for any questions.