Student insurance in Kharkiv. Fast, efficient, inexpensive!

In fact, every student who came from another city to gain knowledge, and those students who live in a dormitory, are required to insure. If a student does not have insurance, he may not be placed in a dormitory or insured under not very favorable conditions.

Everything would be fine, but their insurance services are very expensive for a student’s budget. Each student thinks that nothing will happen to him and he does not really need this insurance. Let's just say that many do not want to just give away part of their scholarship for something that is not useful at all. It is better to buy something useful, such as a boiler, or go shopping for the next week. 

How much does student insurance cost in Kharkov?

The price of this insurance depends on what maximum amount you want to receive in case of any incident. The higher the amount you want to receive, the more you pay for the insurance itself. This is all logical, of course. You can contact our managers (through the Contacts section) for the exact amount of insurance for your payout amount.

Why do you need student insurance?

In fact, it is accident insurance. And in principle, each person can insure. Only for students who live in a dormitory - this is a must! That is why you are obliged to issue it. For any injury, you will receive a payout based on how much money you spent on your treatment. The insurance company compensates you for all costs up to a penny within the sum insured.

Agree, very good. For example, something happened to you: you broke your arm or you have some more serious injury, then all the money you spend will be returned to you.

How long is student insurance valid?

This type of insurance is valid for a year. That is, once a year you will have to lay out the amount of the insurance payment from your pocket and renew the policy. For a student, the price for treatment in case of an unforeseen situation is quite normal. After all, none of us knows what will happen to us tomorrow.

Have a good academic year!