TOP 5 digitalized insurance services in Ukraine

The development of technology and the race among insurance companies allows us to scale and improve insurance products online. Every year, more and more insurance companies are bringing their products online, which allows services like KIRINS to increase the number of offers on their platform. Today, let's take a look at the most popular insurance services that have been digitized and are confidently occupying their niche among the online audience.

What are insurance services?

Insurance services are financial services in the form of the sale of insurance coverage obligations.

The history of online insurance services

Today, many insurance products can be purchased on our online platform KIRINS. However, the story goes back to 2018, when the MTIBU developed and published an electronic motor vehicle liability insurance policy (e-OSAGO). It was this year that insurance services became electronic for the first time. 

This innovation has helped:

  1. Drivers to easily buy electronic policies 24/7 from the comfort of their homes

  2. Police to check the validity of insurance policies through a single system

  3. Insurance services to automate the purchase of this product, as now everything works programmatically, without the involvement of a special agent

TOP 5 insurance services by user scale

  1. Car insurance takes the first position in our top list. It is the most popular type of insurance service known to all drivers

  2. Travel insurance - we give a clear second place. Travel insurance has become incredibly popular with the possibility for Ukrainians to travel on a visa-free basis. After all, the number of tourists has increased many times since the visa-free regime was introduced

  3. Green Card - third place comes to Green Card, which became truly electronic only during the war in 2023. However, its popularity and the ability to buy it online with delivery have been around for a long time. After all, every car traveling abroad must be insured

  4. CASCO is the 4th most popular type of insurance. However, it is very hard to automate it due to high insurance risks and low motivation of insurers to bring it online. This product is still one of the most popular, as it is mandatory for credit cars

  5. Property insurance - 5th place goes to insurance of apartments, offices, and private houses. This type of insurance is very underestimated and not popular among Ukrainians. However, we automated it anyway. On the KIRINS platform, you can buy electronic insurance for your property.

The insurance market is changing and improving. We make great efforts to develop a convenient and pleasant interface of our service, because insurance should be pleasant!