Travel insurance for pensioners from IC Kniazha

Today it is generally accepted that all pensioners are grumblers who sit at home or travel in minibuses in the morning. However, our experience confirms that pensioners are the most pleasant and cheerful people. Many of them are in a hurry to see different countries. And offers from the Knyazha company can contribute to profitable insurance.

Why is it better to insure pensioners in IC Kniazha?

There are many reasons to insure on our website, because we provide you with offers from market leaders. You need to buy insurance for a pensioner on the KIRINS platform, because:

  • Insurance from a European company that provides the best comfort of staying abroad and values ​​each client

  • We do not divide people into adults and mature people, we give everyone the opportunity to see the world!

  • Monopolies in the insurance of people over 75

  • Convenient and affordable insurance service

  • The price of insurance depends on the duration of your stay abroad and the country you plan to fly to. Current offers can be found on our website on the travel insurance page.