How to register a car in 2024?

In most cases, buying or selling a car is a celebration. In the first case, you become the happy owner of a new car, and in the second case, you give yourself the opportunity to upgrade or save money (because car maintenance is not a small item of expenses). But in any case, you need to understand the sequence of actions, the possibilities of re-registering a car in Ukraine and the cost of this procedure. You can always find complete and official information on the official website of the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and we will consider it in simple and accessible terms.

When do I need to register my car?

There are several cases when you need to register your car, namely:

  1. When buying a new car in a car shop

  2. When importing a car from abroad. The most popular countries: USA, Europe, China

  3. Re-registration of a car to a new owner. This includes both sale/purchase and "donation" of a car

Documents required for car registration

Prepare the following documents at once:

  1. Passport or ID-card (or temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine, permanent/ temporary residence permit, refugee certificate, temporary protection document)

  2. TIN - identification number

  3. Document of ownership of the car, confirming the legality of the purchase, receipt, importation, customs clearance of the vehicle

  4. A document confirming the cost of the car (for the first registration)

  5. Document confirming payment of taxes (receipt)

  6. Conclusion / information about the expert study of the vehicle

On an individual basis, documents on additional equipment and other documents may be required. For a complete list of documents, see the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

List of actions for car registration

First of all, you need to choose the territorial service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs where you will register the car.

Then follow the instructions:

  1. Register in the electronic queue:

  2. Submit an application for car registration

  3. Get a tax receipt and pay in a convenient way

  4. Have your car inspected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs experts

  5. Get license plates and a document on registration

How much does it cost?

According to the official information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the price consists of the following items:

  • Service - 350 UAH

  • Certificate form - 405 UAH

  • License plate - 350 UAH. It is also possible to purchase "beautiful license plates" online at a single state price without overpayments

In 2024, the mandatory state pension insurance fee for the first state registration of passenger vehicles, except for passenger vehicles equipped with exclusively electric motors, will be:

  • does not exceed or equal UAH 499,620 - 3% is paid

  • more than UAH 499,620, but not exceeding or equal to UAH 878,120 - 4% is paid

  • more than UAH 878,120 - 5% is paid

Video instructions for registering with the Ministry of Internal Affairs