How old are you allowed to ride a motorcycle?

Ukrainian law has certain age restrictions on driving vehicles of various categories. For example, you can ride a motorcycle without waiting for the 18-years age. This article discusses the age limit by category.

How old can I ride a motorcycle?

According to the traffic rules and laws of Ukraine, only persons over the age of 16 are allowed to drive motorcycles and mopeds. To do so, you need to complete theory and practice, pass the relevant exams, and obtain a category A license. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to drive cars or other vehicles (categories other than A and A1) with the existing license. 

At what age can you get a license in Ukraine?

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Road", in 2024, a driver's license in Ukraine can be obtained depending on the category:

  • categories A and A1 - from the age of 16

  • categories B and B1, C and C1 - from the age of 18

  • categories BE and CE, C1E - from the age of 19

  • categories D and D1, DE and D1E - from the age of 21

How old can you ride a scooter?

So, you can drive vehicles of categories A and A1 from the age of 16, but which vehicles belong to them?

Category A:

  • Moped with an engine over 50 cc 

  • High-speed motorcycles, scooters with an engine over 50 cc and 4 kW 

Category A1:

  • Moped with an engine up to 50 cc and a maximum speed of 60 km/h