Flat insurance

If you have thought about this question, then I can congratulate you, because there is nothing better than taking care of the work spent and the money earned. 

It is possible to insure an apartment against various cases such as fire, flooding, complete destruction, theft, etc.  

Most often, people are forced to insure an apartment on a loan, because the bank requires it. We do this too!  

The process of insuring an apartment is very simple and at the moment very inexpensive, all because the theory of probability is on the client's side? A small number of insurance claims allows us to make competitive rates. No matter how much the apartment costs, we take everything for insurance. If the cost is higher than the market average, we will examine the apartment.

When insuring an apartment, the main criteria are taken into account: 

  1. Insurance of the very structure of the apartment 

  2. Property insurance inside the apartment 

  3. Insurance from third parties (in the event that damage to someone else's property occurs through your fault, as a result of fire, flooding, etc.) 

Insure the apartment against fire

Fire is one of the main reasons people insure their apartments. The fire arises from the most commonplace things and mercilessly burns all the insides of the apartment. 

You can insure your apartment against fire with our insurance. You insure both the structure of the apartment itself and the property inside it. 

Insure an apartment for a mortgage

The apartment is also insured during the mortgage or bank loan. The bank will not throw money around and requires that the apartment be insured. 

We issue insurance for apartments both if it is yours and if it is still a bank one. 

Insure an apartment against a flood

Why insure an apartment against a flood? It's simple, you cannot control your apartment and neighbors' apartments 24 hours a day, and even more so the pipes that run throughout your house. 

Flooding of an apartment occurs at the most inopportune moment when the owners are not at home or at night when everyone is asleep. 

And if, through your fault, someone else's apartment is flooded as a result of the flood, we will cover the loss within the insured amount chosen by you. 

Insure the apartment against flooding

You can choose the option to insure your apartment against flooding of neighbors. If, for some reason, through your fault or broken pipes, someone's apartment is flooded, the insurance company will cover the loss. 


How to get insurance for an apartment?

Your documents (passport and code). We arrange insurance and deliver it to you at our expense

How do I get the original insurance?

We deliver by courier or send by New mail at our own expense. You will receive the original insurance in the mail. You can also pick up at our office

How is payment made in case of flooding or fire?

After the incident, we order an examination, on the basis of which the payment will be made.