"Green insurance" - what exactly do customers mean?

Insurance has been around for a long time, and generations have been using various insurance products in their daily lives for years. For example, car insurance or health insurance abroad is an essential type of insurance for many people. But let's take a look at who calls insurance "green" and why, and what type of insurance are we talking about?

A little background on car insurance

In fact, e-insurance has appeared recently. For example, car insurance became electronic in 2018, and the Green Card only in 2022, as a result of migration due to the beginning of the full-scale invasion into Ukraine. People were forced to travel abroad, but of course, there was no way to get to insurance offices. 

These changes have had a positive impact on the convenience of registration and opportunities, because it is the electronic version of insurance that Ukrainians can buy while abroad.

"Green insurance" from the point of view of customers

People who have just gotten behind the wheel most likely do not understand why they search for car insurance on Google: "green insurance". But those who have seen the paper versions of OSAGO and Green Card know exactly what insurance products are involved.

And the answer to the question of the whole article is both car insurance, because everyone has formulated an idea of what a policy looks like and knows exactly what they are looking for - insurance in Ukraine or for traveling abroad. But at the same time, Google doesn't know for sure whether the client is looking for a motor citizen or a Green Card, which is why:

  1. The Green Card in paper form really looked like a deep green. This was a sign for many to ask for green insurance.

  2. The paper version of the car insurance also had a green tint. People who did not travel abroad by car but used domestic insurance knew for sure that when they asked for green insurance, they were supposed to receive offers for motor insurance.

Is this term used today?

Yes, of course, and what's more, it will be used until people completely forget about the existence of the old paper versions. So Google has to learn :) And show different options for each person according to his or her preferences.

But no matter what you are looking for, and no matter what you imagine, there is always our support that can help you choose the option that meets your needs. We are always glad to see every client!