When do you need to change winter tires to summer tires on a car?

Every motorist thinks about driving safety and about the best moment to change the shoes of his car. You always want to be in time at that moment, so that the weather no longer changes every day, and the properties of the wheels do not upset.

If you think that it is already warm enough for summer tires, then think about such indicators. Summer tires begin to serve you faithfully only from +8, up to this temperature it is very hard and it is not safe to ride on it. But on winter tires, you can drive right up to +10, and do not worry about changing tires. Control the forecast and have time to change the car on time.

Professionals advise changing tires when the weather has settled down a bit and keeps at around 6-7 degrees above zero.

March is often very cold (sometimes it even snows). We do not recommend rushing to change tires, but you should not wait too long. By the way, if you are going to go abroad by car, then it is already a matter of individuality. Depending on how long you leave your home. In order not to get into a situation where you will drive on winter tires at +15, think over your trip in advance, look at the weather forecast. And remember that at high temperatures, the quality of winter tires deteriorates significantly, and with such a ride, winter tires will last for a short time.

Watch the weather and everything will be fine.

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