Increase in the price of a motor vehicle citizen from 04/01/2018

From 04/01/2018, the price of a motor vehicle citizen (OSAGO) has increased.

Most likely, such changes are associated with an increase in the amount of payments under insurance policies. Consider how the price of OSAGO is formed.

OSAGO price depending on the franchise

If earlier the franchise did not play any role in the price of a car citizen, now the larger the franchise, the cheaper the cost of the policy. 

Franchise sizes for any area as of 04/01/2018:

  • 0 UAH

  • 1000 UAH

  • 2000 UAH 

What is a franchise in insurance?

In simple terms, a franchise is the money within which the insurance company does not pay, or pays minus them. For example, if an accident occurs where the damage is less than UAH 2,000, and the franchise in the policy is UAH 2,000, then you will have to pay the amount of damage yourself. And so in every case. In this case, the "zero" franchise (0 UAH) has the advantage - the payment will occur in any case. 

Страховка авто цена Киев

How much does it cost to insure a car in Ukraine?

The price of a motor citizen in Kharkov

See all prices in the OSAGO calculator.

Then it all depends on you, if you want to save on insurance, put a higher deductible and the price will be lower. If you want the insurance to work even with the slightest accident, choose - 0 UAH. You can choose the option that suits you. When calculating the cost, we offer you a pleasant discount.