OSAGO insurance policy in the Diya application

05/12/2020 in the Diya mobile application, it became possible to view the compulsory OSAGO insurance policy (autocitizen).

At the time of registration of insurance, the insurance company transfers information about the insurance policy to the MTIBU unified database of insurance policies, and then the already generated document is transferred from MTIBU to the Diya program.

This is a very convenient feature for motorists, since at the moment a lot of documents appear in one place in the mobile application.

At the moment, the Diya application already has such documents as:

  • Driver’s license

  • registration certificate

  • auto insurance

  • ID-card (new passport)

  • Student ID

And this is just the beginning! Soon our whole life will be in one place. The main thing is in the safe one 😊