Insurance against coronavirus (COVID-19) for Ukrainians

Why do Ukrainians need insurance against Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) insurance for Ukrainians is a special type of insurance that provides financial support from an insurance company in case of primary illness with COVID-19 coronavirus.

Of course, first of all, insurance against COVID-19 is relevant for such groups of people:

  • Ukrainians who work offline during the pandemic and are at risk;

  • employees who are in contact with a large number of people (couriers, security guards, sellers, drivers, etc.);

  • families with minor children;

  • people who have chronic diseases;

  • those who care for the elderly.

Such insurance may also be needed when traveling to a children's camp, sports competitions (according to the requirements of coronavirus coverage), for the personal safety of the family, and in other cases.

What are the conditions for purchasing insurance?

  • The insurance is issued for 6 months and can be extended for the next 6 months.

  • The insured person can be a Ukrainian from 1 to 59 years old inclusive.

  • Insurance agent KIRINS offers 3 main Coronavirus insurance packages for Ukrainians. 

What is an insured event?

  1. Death of the policyholder/insured person in the event of a primary illness due to infection with the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus).

  2. Emergency hospitalization of the policyholder/insured person in the event of a primary illness due to infection with the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus). At the same time, the reason for hospitalization is not the fact of infection, but the fact of the disease (for example, pneumonia) due to infection.

  3. Establishment of the diagnosis of the disease subject to a positive test (PCR) for COVID-19, which was carried out by an accredited institution in the direction of a doctor.

What documents are needed to apply for covid insurance?

For an adult (from 18 years old):

  • Ukrainian passport

  • Identification code (TIN)

For a child (under 18):

  • Birth certificate or passport of a citizen of Ukraine

  • Identification code (TIN)

Important! In this case, the event is insured if it occurred during the validity period of the contract, but outside the "Waiting period" - 14 days from the start of the contract (the period when insured events are not such).

What else is important to know?

if there are symptoms of Coronavirus, the policy cannot be issued.

in the presence of serious illnesses, the policy cannot be issued.

within 14 days from the date of commencement of the contract, accidents are not insured