Penalty for not having insurance at the time of the stop

A first aid kit is an essential item for any occasion. According to traffic rules, every car must have a first aid kit. When traveling abroad, a passport, money, travel insurance and a first aid kit are the most important factors for a successful vacation. And especially now, under the conditions of martial law in Ukraine, everyone should carry a tourniquet, gloves and other components of a tactical medicine kit.

What to put in the first aid kit?

The answer to this question depends on many factors:

  1. Type of trip. If you are going on an extreme expedition, the first aid kit should be suitable for the risks that may arise.

  2. The purpose of the trip. Consider the direction of travel - are you planning to visit a city, wildlife, cottage, mountains or a high-risk country.

  3. The season of the trip. Summer components may differ from winter ones.

  4. Tourists. If you are taking an elderly person or a child, you should also consider possible situations.

  5. Types of medications. You need to think in advance about how to take a certain type of medication (for example, whether you need to drink water or prepare a syringe) and whether there will be such an opportunity.

Travel first aid kit - what do you need?

When thinking about what essential medications you should take with you when traveling, pay attention to the medications for chronic diseases that you are currently taking and what vitamins you need. You may also need:

  • Antipyretics and painkillers

  • Plaster, bandage, disinfectant

  • Anti-allergic medicines

  • Medicines to normalize the gastrointestinal tract

You should also always have water and a piece of chocolate with you, which contains sugar and can help in an emergency.

When traveling to another country, always remember to take out travel insurance, which will help you get quality medical care in a critical situation.

Car first aid kit 

A ready-made car first aid kit can be ordered at a pharmacy. Its contents are regulated by the Ukrainian DSTU 3961-2000 "Medical Car First Aid Kit", introduced by the order of the Ministry of Economic Development No. 622 of 11.06.2013. Read more about why it is necessary and how to assemble a car first aid kit yourself in the article.

Tactical first aid kit 

Every day, civilians suffer from rockets, bombs and Russian shell fragments. It is possible to lose vital blood volume in less than a minute in case of a serious injury. That is why every Ukrainian should carry a tactical first aid kit that contains:

  • Tourniquets to stop massive bleeding

  • Hemostatic bandages and tampons

  • Gloves

  • Other means of rescue

There are different types of first aid kits, but remember that they must be adapted to your plans and possible risks.