Car for the Armed Forces of Ukraine - insurance from 15 days

CTP insurance on 15 days for ZSU

Volunteering has become synonymous with the Ukrainian nation today. We open fundraisers, donate to the bank, buy pickup trucks, trying to cover the needs of the guys and girls of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For thousands and thousands of Ukrainians, the car has become a second home. And we are used to taking care of our home. Of course, not all cars have a long service life in our realities, but owners of any vehicle must insure them.

Types of military vehicles

"Everything is needed at the front line," is a common phrase among volunteers. "Everything that is reliable and safe," we would add. The need for vehicles is indeed constant. This is a consumable material that is constantly in short supply. However, addressing the volunteers, we want to emphasize the need to insure even such cars. Why? Let's find out!

Most often, we find cars abroad. And in order to drive them to the eastern regions of the country, you still need a valid insurance policy. This is not surprising, because any vehicle can become involved in an accident. Regardless of whether they are volunteer or military, or simply fulfill civilian purposes. Therefore, our calculator provides a calculation for the period from 15 days to 1 year for such vehicles:

  1. Vehicles with foreign registration

  2. Vehicles without license plates

  3. Vehicles with temporary registration

These are the vehicles we most often send to the frontline areas. In order to transfer financial risks to insurers and avoid unnecessary expenses for fines and compensation in the event of an accident, we recommend that you set aside an additional UAH 200-300 for insurance. This is a really small amount that will allow you to avoid spending extra money on fees.

How to get car insurance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

This can be done in a few clicks:

  1. Make a calculation according to the parameters of the car 
  2. Choose an offer among those presented on the site
  3. Fill out the order form with information about the person and the car
  4. Make a payment and check the policy that was sent to your email 

Thank you for your continued support of the army! From our side, we are ready to support you and provide pleasant prices and quality service! Yes, you can buy insurance for a foreign journalist with COVID coverage for entry or take out car insurance with military risk coverage on our website! Glory to Ukraine and a quick victory!!!