Booking license plates in the Ministry of Internal Affairs online

There is a separate category of car owners who like "special numbers" on their cars. While it used to be difficult and, in many cases, very expensive to get such license plates, now everything is a little easier. We will tell you about the possibility of booking a "cool sequence" of license plates. As well as where you can do it and how much it will cost.

Checking the availability of license plates

Before you book your "special number", you need to check it and see if someone else has already booked it. Because choosing a license plate is a really important procedure, because it can reflect your desired date or something personal. To do this, there is a service for checking the availability of paid license plates: link.

In the input form, specify:

  • The region in which the registration will take place

  • The exact service center

  • Type of your vehicle

  • The desired combination of numbers

As a result, you will see a list of available license plates and their official cost.

Booking of license plates

After you have chosen a license plate for your car, you need to reserve the right to register this number. But be careful, the reservation of a license plate is made for a certain and clear period of time, after which the license plate will be available to everyone again. Currently, this period is 10 calendar days.

The process of booking a license plate:

  1. Register in the electronic queue of the driver's account

  2. No earlier than 10 days before the date of registration, go to the license plate selection page and enter the desired combination

  3. Pay for the reservation

    1. 360 UAH - booking itself

    2. 120 UAH - service fees

  4. Register the car and get your license plates at the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Also, the cost of license plates, depending on the combination, can cost from UAH 4,800 to UAH 36,000.

If the license plate retention period (10 days) expires and the reservation is automatically canceled, you can request a refund of the reservation and service fees.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs claims that now the registration of license plates is simple and fast, and most importantly, corruption-free. We are following the situation and hope that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will soon make all possible services with cars and license plates transparent and accessible to everyone.