What is the difference between OSAGO and CASCO?

We will reveal some popular questions from car lovers: What is the difference between CASCO and OSAGO? Why do you need CASCO and why OSAGO? What are the terms of insurance?

So, let's start with the definitions of these types of insurance. CASCO is a type of insurance for your car against any damage: car theft, accident, fire and much more. CASCO, unlike OSAGO, is voluntary insurance. No one is forcing you to insure CASCO, but you are obliged to insure OSAGO annually.

CASCO is insured for a year and covers the amount indicated in your insurance policy (Full value of your car). The cost of such insurance is approximately 5% of the value of your car. In what case does CASCO work? CASCO works for any damage to your car. The amount for which the damage was assessed to you is paid. In the event of a car theft, you are paid the full amount of your car (specified in the insurance).

Exception: CASCO is compulsory insurance, only for cars bought on credit, however, in this case, the insurance company must cooperate with the bank where you take out a loan for your car.

Together with CASCO, OSAGO insurance is necessarily included in the kit. Since CASCO covers only your car, you need the kind of insurance that will cover someone else's car, or even more than one. OSAGO is relatively inexpensive, given that the insurance limit has been raised to UAH 160,000.

OSAGO is also known as autocitizen. OSAGO is a mandatory type of insurance that every car owner must have. In an accident, your insurance covers damage to the other car, and that car, in turn, covers your damage.

In conclusion, we highlight the differences between CASCO and OSAGO:

  1. CASCO is a voluntary type of insurance, OSAGO is a mandatory one.

  2. CASCO covers your car, OSAGO - someone else's. That is why a person with two insurances has an advantage in the event of an accident

  3. The CASCO price is much higher than the OSAGO price

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