How long before you can drive after drinking alcohol?

We all know that different countries have different traffic rules. In some countries, you can even drink a few glasses of wine before driving, but today we'll talk about Ukraine. In this article, we will analyze important data about the possibility of drinking while driving and how long before you can drive. In any case, we do not recommend drinking alcohol before driving.

Removing alcohol from the body: how fast?

In order to estimate how quickly alcohol is excreted from the blood, you need to understand what the amount is measured in accordance with the law. The level of alcohol in the body is measured in ppm.

A ppm (unit of measurement - ‰) is one thousandth (1/10th of percent) or an indicator that measures the amount of alcohol in human blood per liter of blood. According to the Law of Ukraine, the permissible amount of ppm is up to 0.2 ppm (or 0.2 mg/l).

Types of drinks and grams corresponding to this value (provided that the body does not already have alcohol content):

  • Dry wine or champagne - 200g for men, 100g for women

  • Beer - 500g for men, 330g for women

  • Vodka or cognac - 50g for men, 30g for women

How much can you drink and how long before you can drive?

Alcohol elimination from the body: how fast?

  1. Alcohol is excreted from the body (blood) of men and women in slightly different ways. In men - 0.1 ppm per hour, and in women - 0.085 ppm per hour

  2. After drinking 1 bottle of wine, men should wait up to 5 hours and women up to 6.5 hours before driving.

  3. When going out and consuming alcohol, men can afford to drink a bottle of beer, and women can drink 100 grams of dry wine. And drive in 1 hour.

What is the fine for drunk driving?

If you still do not comply with the terms of the law, you may face a considerable fine for exceeding 0.2 ppm in the blood during an inspection by law enforcement agencies, namely

  1. The first time - 17,000 UAH

  2. The second time - UAH 34,000

  3. The second time in 1 year - UAH 51,000

  4. Refusal to undergo an examination - UAH 40,800

These rates have been in effect since 2021 and will be valid in 2024. Also, be aware that such a traffic violation can result in a 1-10 year driving ban.

To summarize, we can understand that playing drunk driving leads to irreparable actions on the part of the driver. After all, everyone loses a certain amount of control over themselves and the likelihood of causing an accident increases. Remember about your life and the lives of the people around you. If you can give up alcohol, knowing that you will drive in the future, it is better not to play with fate.