How to track the presence of photofixation cameras and not receive a "letter of happiness"?

Cameras for recording violations of the speed limit

In Ukraine, a system has been introduced for automatically fixing traffic violations, and every day more and more cameras appear in cities and on highways between regional centers. At the same time, the amount of fines for speeding was increased. Today, having exceeded the speed limit by more than 20 km/h, you will need to pay 340 UAH, for exceeding the limit by 50 km/h or more - 1700 UAH, and if an emergency situation has been created, the amount of the fine will be 3400 UAH with the possibility of deprivation rights.

Of course, you can challenge the decision within 10 days in a higher authority or court. However, if you agree with the violation, you should pay the amount promptly, because if you pay within 10 days, you save 50% :)

How to track cameras on the route?

Car enthusiasts have already found a way to determine the location of cameras using the Waze application, which, in addition to the standard functions of the navigation system, also plots routes by analyzing traffic jams and other hazards on the road:

  • emergency sites

  • potholes

  • Road closure

  • parked cars

  • downed animals

  • Road repair

  • Other

Waze - фиксация камер

Users indicate points on the map with ambushes of patrol services, accidents and other dangers. At the same time, information about working auto-fixation cameras is available and there is voice guidance, which, in the form of alerts, indicates approaching them. The driver can also control the speed limit on the road and see the speed limit on the phone screen.

Of course, it is important to comply with traffic rules and speed limits, because drivers are responsible not only for their lives and the lives of their passengers, but also for the surrounding road users!