What is the amount of coverage under the Green Card insurance?

Any type of insurance has a certain cost, depending on the validity period and other parameters, as well as the amount of insurance coverage. For example, when purchasing a travel insurance policy, you can choose an option with an insured amount of EUR 30,000 or more and extend it for an additional fee. Motor third party liability insurance also has its own limits, which in 2023 amount to UAH 130,000 for property and UAH 260,000 for life and health of third parties. Questions are: what is the sum insured under the Green Card? Is it the same for different countries of the world? How many cases does the insurance cover in case of an accident abroad? Let's try to understand this issue.

The amount of the limit of liability (sum insured) for road accidents in the countries of the world

The cost of a Green Card is the same for visiting different European countries (Moldova and Azerbaijan are a separate destination). Nevertheless, the amount of payments can vary significantly from country to country. The limits are regulated by law separately for all 43 countries participating in the Green Card system. The table shows the maximum amounts of insurance coverage in 2023 in the countries where the Green Card policy is valid.

Per accident
Per person
CountryPersonal injuriesMaterial damage

What risks are covered by the Green Card policy?

International Green Card insurance is similar to Ukrainian motor third party liability insurance. It covers damage to property and health of injured third parties. In other words, the policy provides civil liability in the event of an accident caused by the fault of the car insurance holder. You can calculate the cost according to the necessary parameters in our calculator and receive an electronic version of the insurance in a matter of minutes.