New rules for driver's license exams in 2023 - are they more difficult?

In order to prevent corruption schemes in the process of obtaining a driver's license in July 2023, the rules for taking exams are changing. The number of service centers is reduced, the technical equipment of premises for taking both theoretical and practical parts is improved, and it is also possible to study the traffic rules independently, without training in a driving school.

Reorganization of service centers

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine announced the reorganization of service centers. Their number will be reduced threefold, and control will be strengthened at each of them. So, now there are 148 centers in Ukraine, and after the introduction of changes there will be only 55.

Strengthening technical control when taking exams 

The new rules introduce control through: 

  • Cameras, which will be installed in classrooms for theoretical tests. They will completely cover all the blind spots and eliminate the possibility of bypassing the exam rules

  • Mandatory identification of each student. Face identification is conducted before the test begins

  • Equipment of 360° cameras with audio support for 150 cars in which you take practical exams. Additionally, trackers are installed to determine the route of travel

Theory without a driving school

Now to learn the theory of traffic rules do not need to enroll in a driving school. You can independently learn the material and check your knowledge during testing. "We want to give every citizen the opportunity to master the theory of traffic rules independently or with a tutor, that is, it will not be necessary to go to school. The main thing is the transparency of exams", - explained the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

We consider the strengthening of control over the students while taking both theoretical and practical parts of the exam for getting driving license as a really important change. Do not forget that getting behind the wheel, you are responsible not only for your own life and passengers in your vehicle, but also for the life and health of all road users. And you can always pass the problem for the integrity of other vehicles to the insurer, because the OSAGO policy will cover the damage caused to third parties. It is neither scary nor shameful to be a beginner, but it is worth taking care of possible situations in advance, so approach the issue of insurance wisely.

The responsible attitude to driving should be at all who are Ukrainians!